Active K-9 Medical Fund Emergency Appeal

K-9 Sig and many other police dogs

need your help NOW!

In the first six months of this year the National Police Dog Foundation has had so many emergency grant requests from law enforcement agencies that our fund cannot cover all the requests.

Without your help, our Active K-9 Medical Fund, that provides grants to K-9s in need, cannot cover the amount of application requests to help deserving K-9s like Sig.

Sig’s handler has already had to pay many thousands of dollars from his own personal funds, but Sig still needs more medical treatments. 

Please help us to get K-9 heroes like Sig back to work to protect us.

Every dollar helps!

The Active K-9 Medical Fund offers grants that assist Law Enforcement Agencies and Handlers with costs related to emergency medical expenses for active K-9s.

The National Police Dog Foundation is committed to assisting law enforcement agencies with the ever-increasing medical care costs for K-9s, both during their years of service and retirement. Most law enforcement agencies do not have a budget for serious medical issues for the K-9s.

The Foundation’s grants help keep the K-9s healthy and on-the-job, thereby reducing the long-term costs for the departments.

Keeping our K-9 Officers healthy and working.

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